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BUACHE, Philippe; DELISLE, Joseph Nicolas.

Carte des Nouvelles Decouvertes au Nord de la Mer du Sud, tant à l'Est de la Siberie et du Kamtchatka, Qu'a l'Ouest de la Nouvelle France

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Paris, 1752

Significant map of the Pacific Northwest and the region that would become Alaska. The map extends from Greenland to a bit west of Irkoust; and south to include all of California. It includes the discoveries of the Russians in 1723, 1732 and 1741, the tracks of Bering's first and second voyages, Joseph Nicolas Delisle's voyage with Captain Tchirikow in 1741, and other voyages. But more importantly it features the imaginary cartographic theories of Philippe Buache for the first time on a printed map. The west coast of North America is entirely fictitious north of Cap Blanc with an enormous Sea of the West, Lac Valasco, and Isle of Bernarda; a network of rivers and lakes making up most of a Northwest Passage is derived from the apocryphal voyages of the Spanish Admiral Bartholome de Fonte.



Engraved map, uncoloured; 38.8 x 63.5 cm, plus advertissement and echelles at top. Toned uniformly, paper thin in places, where an old backing has been removed; trimmed, with the imprint at bottom retained; good.


Wa-NWC 566. Breitfuss, IM 3 ( Rep ). L-M 6. Wroth, Early Cartographer of the Paciific. Urness, Bering's Voyages --- ( Rep ). Armstrong, From Sea Unto Sea, #24 ( Rep ).

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