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AL-SHA'AFI Al-MISRI, Shahab al-Din Ahmad bin Naqib.

Umdat as-Salik wa Uddat an-Nasik

[Reliance of the Traveller and Tools for the Worshipper], a work of Hanafi fiqh from the Shafi'i School of Islamic jurispudence.

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Sub-Saharan Africa, 1820

A work of Islamic jurisprudence by hanafi scholar Shahab al-Din (1302-67 AD), whose influence on the present treatise was heavily drawn from primary texts by Imam Nawawi and Imam Abu Ishaq As-Shirazi.

The informal copying and provincial binding of this manuscript are typical of manuscript production in the sub-Saharan regions of Africa. The Western imported paper is of a mixed stock and the reeds used to inscribe the text here are thick and unrefined. The scribe endorsed an informal cursive hand and the narrow margins and small-scale script indicate that the scribe was likely copying the text for personal use; adding annotations and inscriptions in the same hand throughout the volume throughout their years of ownership.



Single volume, decorated manuscript on western imported paper, from a mixed stock including the watermark of a crescent moon in a shield and the letters 'EIV', in Arabic, complete, 124 leaves, 255 by 180 mm; single column, 16 lines informal cursive script in black with headings and important words in red, catch-words throughout, numerous contemporary and later marginal inscriptions, some light staining (as often), some gatherings becoming loose; contemporary provincial binding of strips of leather over wooden boards with flap, worn with sections of leather missing.


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