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RUMI, Jalal al-Din Muhammad.


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Timurid Persia or Turkey, possibly Qazvin, 1450

A fine Timurid copy of the complete Mathnavi by the revered Sufi saint Jalal al-Din Rumi.

This is Rumi's most celebrated work and a pillarstone of Sufi literature, formed of a vast collection of self-reflective lyrical anecdotes of Sufi wisdom inspired by the Qur'an and Islamic teachings. This vast collection of 'mathnavis' (a form of Persian meter) was compiled by Rumi, known as Mawlana (master), in circa 1244 during the poet's time in Anatolia. What sets this particular collection of poetry aside from his contemporaries, is that Rumi compiled these verses in a spontaneous manner as a reflection of events or thoughts that appeared to him over the course of his everyday life. The revelatory nature of the composition and loosely connected narrative of didactic stories made this work immensely popular with Eastern and Western audiences alike, and has remained one of the most collected poetical works internationally since Rumi's death

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Single volume, illuminated manuscript on fibrous polished buff paper, in Farsi, textually complete (lacking 4 leaves at the end of Book 6 that are replaced in eighteenth and nineteenth century manuscript facsimile, 337 leaves plus 4 leaves text, 245 by 170 mm; four columns, 21 lines early nasta'liq script in black, headings in red throughout, 6 gold and lapis illuminated headings in the Timurid style, each opening one of the 6 books of the Mathnavi, contemporary catch-words throughout, columns ruled in blue, some very slight water-staining to margins and a few scattered smudges to text, overall attractive condition; early sixteenth-century stamped leather binding with flap, with cut-out cartouches to leather decorated by corner-pieces and central medallions with foliate designs and coloured in gold, spine and flap hinge rebacked and repaired, an attractive early binding.


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