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Illuminated manuscript

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  1. Single volume, illuminated manuscript on paper with fine marbled paper borders, in Farsi, 119 leaves, complete, 336 x 230 mm; single column, 11 lines to the page written in neat nasta'liq script in black ink, occasional headings and significant words in blue, inner margins ruled in gold and blue, outer borders throughout decorated with fine marbling, one illuminated opening headpiece, one further illuminated heading; contemporary burgundy leather binding, blind-stamped with corner pieces to covers, a very handsome volume.

  2. Single volume, decorated manuscript on paper, in Arabic, 650 leaves, first 8 leaves in later manuscript facsimile (of the same style as the rest of the manuscript) else apparently textually complete, 300 x 195 mm; single column, 13 lines bold bihari script, top, middle and bottom lines in red, remaining lines of text in black throughout, 'Allah' copied in red throughout, Surah openings marked with banners formed of geometric rectangles often in red and green with gilt decorations, marginal ornamentation marking important divisions of the Qur'an, these mostly in circular or arabesque shapes in lilac, green, turquoise and red, with gilt additions, catch-words, damp-staining to upper and lower edges of text-block, some early and crude marginal repairs (rarely affecting text); housed in early decorated leather boards, decorative borders stamped in blind to covers, worm-holes (repaired), rubbed, edges repaired and rebacked.

  3. Single volume, illuminated manuscript on paper, in Arabic, complete, 231 leaves, 260 by 165 mm; single column, 16 lines fine black naskh script, surah headings in red throughout, occasional marginal additions copied int he same hand, catch-words throughout, leaves ruled in gilt and blue, verses marked by gilt roundels throughout, some very faint scattered ink smudges overall very clean and crisp condition; contemporary fine hand-painted lacquered boards, outer covers with elegant floral compositions set against a striking bronzed background, framed within a border of floral cartouches, inner covers in red with gilt spiralling vines, backed in leather, very clean and attractive condition.

  4. Single volume, illuminated manuscript on polished paper, in Arabic, complete, 191 leaves plus 3 endpapers (two at front and one at the back), 98 by 60 mm; 21 lines fine and refined naskh script copied in miniature format, in black, two opening leaves of prayers copied in central lobed panels, in red, plus an additional set at the end of the volume, opening two facing pages of the Qur'an with exquisitely fine gilt polychrome decorations to borders, interlinear colouring of gold to every leaf of text, catch-words throughout, very clean and crisp condition; housed in fine contemporary gilt lacquered boards, with decorative floral compositions to covers set against a red background and framed within a gold foliate border, a very fine manuscript.

  5. Single volume, illuminated manuscript on paper, in Arabic, complete, 318 leaves plus two later free endpapers, 120 x 80 mm; single column, 14 lines scribal black naskh per page, surah headings in red throughout, first three leaves with interlinear translations to Farsi in red nasta'liq (interlinear spacing continues through the volume, remaining translation never completed), opening two leaves with elaborately decorated gilt and polychrome decorations, these comprising spiralling vines adorned with pink, red, blue and white flowers, leaves throughout double-ruled in gold and black, catch-words throughout, final two leaves with additional gilt polychrome decorations to borders, some small stains and ink smudges, overall attractive condition; hosed in contemporary Kashmiri papier-mâché lacquered boards, outer covers with floral decorations ruled in gilt, inner covers of gold spiralling vines against a striking black background, rubbed and skilfully rebacked.

  6. Five volumes, each containing one Juz' of the Qur'an, illuminated manuscripts on thick polished buff paper, in Arabic, containing Juz' VI (An-Nisa 4:148 to Al-Maidah 5:82), Juz' VIII (Al-An'am 6:111 to Al-Araf 7:170), Juz' XI (At-Towbah 9:94 to Hud 11:5), Juz' XVII (Al-Anbiya 21:1 to Al-Hajj 22:78) and Juz' XXX (An-Naba 78:1 to An-Nas 114:6), each Juz' 16-19 leaves (together 84 leaves, plus some contemporary free endleaves to a couple volumes) and all textually complete in themselves, 265 by 170 mm; single column, 11 lines bold black naskh script with diacritics, some vocalisation in red, surah headings throughout in red thuluth script, large polychrome head-pieces (unwan) opening each of the Juz', these executed to a very high standard by a fine hand and illuminated in gold, leaves ruled in blue and gold throughout, contemporary catch-words, some smudges and light staining, a few sections cockled from damp; housed in uniform contemporary Qajar lacquered boards, inside covers painted and ruled in red, outer covers a dark tan with gilt floral pattern to frame outer edges, all rebacked, a little worn in places.

  7. Concertina-style miniature prayerbook, illuminated manuscript in Arabic, complete, 16 conjoined leaves, 48 by 48 mm; numerous illustrations including images of the holy sites of Mecca and Medina, attributions to Prophet Muhammad through depictions of his hand prints, foot prints, and his Seal of Prophecy, with further illustrations pertaining to the other prophets such as the sword of 'Ali, all heightened in gilt, versos and outer boards backed in contemporary marbled paper.

  8. single leaf, ink and gouache on paper, leaf laid on to thick card, total leaf 325 by 200 mm (miniature 202 by 120 mm); two text blocks, each containing two lines verse in black nasa'liq script, some small sections of overpainting, some small sections of darkening and light finger-soiling, framed within multiple gilt rulings, wider margins painted in gilt foliate decorations, reverse blank, unframed.

  9. Illuminated manuscript on paper, in Arabic, containing the first 7 aya of the first surah of the Qur'an (al-Fatihah 1:1 - 1:7), 490 by 380 mm.; single column, 5 lines large scribal nasta'liq diagonally inscribed, outlined in cloud shapes and set against an elaborately illuminated gold background decorated with intricately illustrated spiralling floral patterns with polychrome colour additions, lower right-hand corner containing the scribe's name and date of completion, panel framed within multiple polychrome and gilt rulings, including a banner formed of multiple gold cartouches in Safavid style of illumination; very clean and bright condition; leaf mounted to thick card.

  10. Illuminated manuscript on polished paper, in Farsi, 73 leaves (plus a contemporary free endpaper at the end), complete, 182 by 110 mm.; double column, 17 lines elegant and refined black nasta'liq, vibrant and fine illuminated polychrome and gold heading opening the text, twenty-six miniature paintings in the text, depicting important scenes in the romance and painted with vivid colours in the contemporary Qajar style, leaves double ruled in red, blue and gold, tissue-guards loosely inserted throughout; some very faint spotting to final few gatherings, overall very bright and attractive condition; housed in contemporary leather-backed gilt lacquered boards depicting floral sprays ruled and framed within corner-pieces and a gilt border, contemporary paper label to spine inscribed with title of the work in Farsi, spine ends very lightly worn, extremities slightly rubbed, overall bright and attractive binding.

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